4 Types of Handmade Unique Corporate Gifts Ideas in 2022

4 Types of Handmade Unique Corporate Gifts Ideas in 2022

4 Types of Handmade Unique Corporate Gifts Ideas in 2022


When it comes to gifts, there are a variety of reasons to go the homemade route, ranging from the desire to make your gifts more meaningful to the need to stretch a tight gift budget. Making employees more productive at work is a priority, and giving them corporate gifts assists them in doing so. Handmade Unique gifts are excellent because the receiver will appreciate the time and effort you put into them.

1. Keep the Coffee Coming

What office doesn't rely on coffee to function? You know in your heart of hearts that coffee is the lifeblood of your business and that you couldn't have achieved this level of success without it. So, acquire personalized coffee tumblers for everyone in the company to ensure your corporate gift ideas aren't just excellent gifts, but also help your business be more productive! This is a gesture that will not go unnoticed, and they may now bring some of their gourmet coffee from home to put in the company coffee pot.

2. Make a customized Pen holder

This holder features a compact design with numerous pockets for storing pens, pencils, and other stationery. These holders are essential desktop accessories since many individuals still use a pen and pencil to take down critical notes, especially while utilizing a cell phone or telephone as a mode of communication. This might be a fantastic corporate present for your employees.

3. Get A classy Lamp

The lighting in the room is bright and ideal for reading. A lovely lamp for every corner of a desk and every corner in the office can bring a sense of motivation among the employees. Indoor lighting can be used to illuminate an office or to add charm to a residence. These lamps are ideal for illuminating the recipient's house. It can be given a personal touch by adding the name or picture of the person it is being gifted.

4. Have a personalized wall Clock

It appears that everyone has forgotten about these time-telling devices that dangle from the ceiling. Make it more special by adding some pictures to it. Decorate the office desk of your recipient with these artistically handcrafted presents. These clocks would make excellent corporate gifts for your clients or staff.


Corporate gifting is the most appropriate way to encourage employee and client’s inclusion towards your company. While corporate gifting is beneficial, you'll need to stand out in the mailbox as well to genuinely create an impression on your receiver. This involves coming up with original corporate gift ideas that will leave a lasting impression, raise brand awareness, and motivate your recipients to act. Spend time researching your target recipient and trying to come up with a business presence that is both relevant and helpful for their career and personal lives.

Additional Tip-

Always include a thoughtful handwritten message sent specifically to each recipient. Regardless of the size of your corporate gifting outreach. Explain why you're sending the item and the value you expect it to bring.