How To Decorate Your Home In Indian Way

How To Decorate Your Home In Indian Way

How To Decorate Your Home In Indian Way


Indian interior design, like everything else about India, is a style that has been passed down down the generations with varied influences. Indian antique products and handicraft products draw significantly on all of these elements, whether it's temple motif architecture from the south or detailed carvings on Mughal structures. Jain Exports is a pioneer in the field of handicrafts, vintage, and one-of-a-kind architectural furniture. We've had a style since 1975 that is as diverse as our culture! Because putting these into practice is a lot easier than you might believe. All you need are a few pro suggestions to give your home an Indian feel.

Be Generous with handcrafted products

Decorate your home with Indian handicrafts and show off the country's rural artisans' stunning, intriguing, and intricate handicrafts.

Indian Antique furniture is becoming increasingly fashionable and popular in India. Indian handicraft product exporters are renowned for dealing with high-quality historic rarities from all over the world. Through online listings, sellers and instant consumers may visualize the things and their costs and make proper judgments.

Traditional aesthetics meet innovations in handicrafts, which is an incredible world of furniture in and of itself. The wood has been expertly molded, the marble has been artistically carved, and the brass has been expertly hammered. The result is truly one-of-a-kind and amazing work that is sure to captivate its audience.

Nothing Comes Close To The Elegance Of Indian Antique Furniture

Handloom materials, handcrafted floor coverings, metal artworks, wood specialties, glass and ceramics, marble and stone specialties, gems, earthenware items, and calfskin crafts are a few of the significant expertly constructed products that appreciate the tremendous curiosity in the foreign market. Because antique dealers in India promote and market their things alone or through an assumed exporter managing Indian handiworks, well-known craftsmanship outlets are functional.

The old-Indian furniture, which is made from various natural components, is highly regarded and sought after. Large quantities of Indian antique furniture are delivered worldwide through painstaking work by antique dealers in Ahmedabad.

Nothing, however, compares to the excellent bargaining done by antique and Handiworks exporters. It is the workmanship exporter who promotes specialty manufacturers' hand-made manifestations all over the world, bringing them widespread recognition.

Think Inlays And Carvings

Traditional Indian furniture is a wonderful blend of function and elegance. They can also be used as storage containers because they are brightly painted and adorned with inlay work utilizing mirrors, stones, ivory, or metal. To lighten the ambiance of your settings, use them as accents alongside strong wood objects. Keep any antique furniture or handcrafted products you have from India and put them to good use.

These ancient pieces of furniture are incredibly valuable for their beautiful craftsmanship, even though they were originally built for utility uses. These works reflect the aesthetics, style, and design of the era in which they were created. They transport us to the period in which they were created, produced, and made. Beds, various types of seats, cabinets, doors, drawers, shelves, and dining tables are all examples of antique furniture.


Handicraft exports will help to bring Indian culture, heritage, and traditions to a wider audience on a global basis. This will also benefit the handicraft sector by providing much-needed upgrades and exposure. Antique furniture can be used as a subtle accent in some situations. Each hand-engraved object embodies the way of life, customs, and unique characteristics of the area. There are many antiquities to pick from to decorate your home because India has such a huge and intriguing array of handicrafts.